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Chambre Séparée Belgium

Chambre Séparée is the new concept of ‘Flemish Foodie’, and it is  located in the city of Ghent.  The chef Kobe Desramaults became famous for his pure and natural style of cooking where he served no classic dishes or traditional sauces. The restaurant does not offer an à la carte dining experience. Instead, the chef compiles the menu on the basis of seasonal products and the inspiration of the moment. What follows is a unique experience, translated into a menu of 20 dishes.  A 16-seater U-shaped counter, beautiful materials and  a mix of wood, fire, embers and Flemish decor brings  the address intimacy and a luxury environment. The wine list can be a bit extremist but the Sommelier is there to reassure any decision. 

Table from 205€ to 205€


Chef Kobe
Chef: Kobe Desramaults

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