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The Fat Duck is  renowned temple of innovative Modern British cuisine, the restaurant is Located in Bray, nearby London. The story of Heston Blumenthal and his childhood memories. When you go through the front door and enter the hall of mirrors, your senses are submersed in the world of Heston Blumenthal, not only in the food, but also in the entire experience, They make a special effort to involve their guests by asking them in advance for special (childhood) memories, which throughout the meal they include personal touches. No other restaurant has ever pushed the boundaries between theatre and food like Heston ,The service is much more involved than at a normal restaurant, with waiting staff weaving a story together instead of just bringing plates to the table, he wanted diners to experience five emotions when they eat at The Fat Duck – adventure, playfulness, excitement, curiosity and happiness.


All prepayment fees are not refundable.

Table from 330€ to 340€
Prepayment 330€


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Chef: Heston Blumenthal

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High St, Bray SL6 2AQ
United Kingdom

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