La Grenouillère

La Grenouillère France

La Grenouillère, originally a typical regional family restaurant, has become under the amazing starred Chef Alexandre Gauthier,one of France's most inventive chefs, a place which is definitely out of the ordinary in which highlights Gauthier’s respect of the natural environment.  The auberge and restaurant are situated in an idyllic location right by the river Canche.  The restaurant, which now opens out onto the wild and rugged garden, full of wild flowers and grasses where every detail has been carefully considered. The radical cuisine, one that is rooted in the local area and uses freely and imaginatively ingredients from the sea and from hunting and gathering.  The full experience of the property its extraordinary, following the winding garden path from the restaurant you come across the individually designed luxurious wooden huts, cleverly hidden behind a row of bushes and tall grass, ideal for those who seek absolute privacy.

Table from 80€ to 135€
Room from 280€/night


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Chef: Alexandre Gauthier

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19 r. de la Grenouillère,
62170 La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil

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