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Le Calandre Italy

Le Calandre is located in Padua, nearby  the city of Venice. Massimiliano Alajmo  is the fifth generation of chefs and restaurateurs, and he took his family up to the absolute top of all gastronomic heights, he manages the kitchen,  and his brother Raffaele is the Chief Executive Officer.  The chef Massimiliano Alajmo, is the world's youngest chef to have achieved the third Michelin star at the age of 28. Famous for   having  a great level of creativity and inventiveness, his constant return to the essence with careful attention to the ingredients results in a cuisine which is up-to-date but remains balanced and harmonious. 

Table from 135€ to 225€


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Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo

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via Liguria 1, località Sarmeola,
35030 RUBANO

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