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The Gran Caffè Quadri consists of three different establishments,  there is the Gran Caffè outdoors on St. Mark’s Square, the ABC bistro which  is the informal part of the restaurant and Quadri, the first-floor dining room of this historic Piazza San Marco café, which  charged the earth to eat indifferently in opulent surroundings. It is a triumph of stucco, Murano glass and precious fabrics housed in one of the most photographed places of the city of Venice. Apart from the breathtaking view,  Quadri is runned by the The Alajmos  brothers, in which chef Massimiliano Alajmo’s cooking is more than a match for the view, he serves modern versions of classic Venetian dishes utilizing local ingredients and seafood from Venetian waters bought fresh as soon as fishermen offer their catch at the nearby Rialto market. Quadri, a name steeped in history and also a kind of "gastronomic monument" in Venice

Table from 117€ to 235€


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Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo / Silvio Giavedoni

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piazza San Marco 121 (primo piano),

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