Steirereck Austria

Steirereck nestles in  a glass cube in the middle of  the Stadtpark, the main city park of  Vienna. Chef Heinz Reitbauer is one of those chefs who pushes the boundaries of gastronomy, reinvents and creates a cuisine which moves the senses, he has a personal style which is based on traditional cooking, but evolved into a unique, modern cooking style, the chef moves perfectly between hi-tech and traditional techniques without any compromises and his progressive and intelligent vision on gastronomy has taken him to the absolute top of the gastronomic world. A lot of the ingredients are coming from Chef’s Reitbauer’s own farm, and most of what is served comes from Austria. 

Table from 70€ to 150€


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Chef: Heinz Reitbauer

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Am Heumarkt 2a, 1030 Wien

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