Yam’Tcha France

Yam'tcha occupies a spot on a sweet little street in the heart of Paris. Inside, a couple dozen tables and attended by friendly waitstaff, making the space pull off being both convivial and laid back. Chef Adeline Grattard and her Chinese tea sommelier husband Chiwah Chan make a rare pare, she working elegantly in her open kitchen  and him with great ceremony deliver tiny cup after cup of soothing and remarkably matched teas that pair lusciously with her carefully constructed cuisine. The food  at Yam’Tcha tends toward the delicate and inspired by Chinese cooking, in which the dishes rely on brilliant flavor combinations and very precise cooking, Chef Adeline Grattard  seems to borrow equally from both traditions  French and Chinese, to craft unique dishes that are creative, and very well balanced.

Table from 65€ to 135€


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Chef: Adeline Grattard

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121 r. St-Honoré, 75001 Paris

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